- Nothing happens unless first a dream -

[Carl Sandburg]

Every great initiative begins as someone’s dream. Ada Conde is no exception: our dream is to see women happy, feminine, and beautiful at any age.

Our aim is to help you fall in love with yourself, recognise your magnificent beauty, and reveal your greatest female qualities. We encourage you to create a fulfilling life, full of love, abundance, and beauty for yourself. The uniqueness of Ada Conde is that we not only answer the questions why and how, we walk the path of magic transformation with you. We provide professional guidance, an encouraging atmosphere, and make your journey joyful and exciting.

You are a Woman. We don’t care what you do, where you are from, what your background is, or how old you are. When you enter this space, all you are – is Woman. Wonderful and unique Woman.

We wear too many tags, too many masks and play one role too many, forgetting the essential role we were given – being a Woman.

It is not our fault that most of us never were taught to connect with our inner Woman and enjoy our femininity, but it is our right to make this decision now and start this exciting journey to meet our true selves. It’s time to discover your true depth and reveal your greatness and beauty.

What does it mean to be a Woman?
What is femininity?
What is the key to a change?