Ada Conde offers exclusive individual guidance for English speaking women in London. Due to very limited availability for this service, please be ready to be placed on the waiting list. This is also subject to urgency and readiness of the client, which will be assessed within the first two sessions.

Each session lasts 90 minutes. Contact us for the fees inquiry.

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Free online resources for Women who want to have a life full of beauty and love

Thanks to this online resource, we can reach you all over the world and inspire you with

  • fascinating interviews  and advice given by great women
  • articles by renowned specialists on psychology, wellness, sexuality, nutrition, and style
  • videos to help you practice self-love, to work on your emotions and body, to polish your style, and get inspired to experiment in all areas of your life
  • webinars to engage you in discussions and tailor every practice so that it perfectly suits you

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Spreading love and knowledge among women

Ada Conde organises inspirational and highly practical events for English speaking women in all parts of the world.

Best practitioners, speakers, and teachers come together to share their experience and knowledge and to support women on their path to true happiness and boundless power of femininity.

Coming soon…

Ada Conde offers group sessions in London to inspire you and to put in practice things that will make a difference to your life. In the class, you will make real steps towards your desired future and learn about your female power and how you can use it to get where you want to be. Join us and celebrate your femininity, grace, and beauty. Timetable with open classes is coming soon.