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How many lives have been changed by an inspiring story? Countless. Whenever we are stuck in a moment or have doubts or fears – a true story of success gives us the most needed medicine – a bright spark of hope that ignites us.

Do you know a woman who would be a great example of femininity, courage or wisdom? Do tell us! We will make sure the story reaches women all over the world.

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    So often things can be fixed with just a little twist. This understanding comes usually much later, after we have spent weeks, months and even years trying to get out of the problem. We keep kicking the door, till one day, when – much to our surprise – the door swings inwards.
    If some of the topics below fall into area of your professional competence, we would love you to hear your tips and advice on
  • Balanced life: work, family and you
  • Getting in touch with your body: health and beauty at any age
  • Style, elegance and looks
  • Self-love and self-appreciation
  • Sexuality and everlasting romance
  • Prosperity without stressing out
  • Femininity and gift of womanhood

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We are open to partnerships and invite you to take part in our online and offline projects and events that we organize for women. Ada Conde participates in international project and there are no borders for our dream. Wherever you are – drop us a line and we’ll see how we can help each other and other women!

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