Art and pleasure of being a woman

- Being born in a duck yard does not matter, if only you are hatched from a swan’s egg -

   [H.C. Andersen]

When you allow circumstances and environment to determine who you are, that’s what they do. Maybe it’s time to remind yourself what sort of egg you have hatched from. You can create your real self, if you choose to. It is an exciting and joyful act of creation where you have freedom to choose whatever you want and make it a part of yourself and your life. You are your own masterpiece and you shall never stop working on this wonderful piece of art – inside and outside.

Being a woman is a tremendous pleasure, available to every woman ever born. Unfortunately, so few of us were  taught to enjoy and appreciate our femininity and this gift of womanhood. However, when you do so, you discover an infinite source of pleasure and strength. You understand that everything is possible and you don’t have to exhaust yourself to be successful or loveable. When you are in touch with your female nature, you have constant access to the basic states of a woman: calmness, love, and abundance. Also, you reveal your true beauty, which can’t stay unnoticed and doesn’t fade with years.

Ada Conde shows you ways and guides you on the exciting journey to your magnificent inner woman.  On this journey, you will discover the full potential of your feminine power and inevitably fall in love with yourself. You will start living an abundant life full of love, grace, and beauty. Ada Conde is here for you to make your journey unforgettable and rewarding.

Chose from below:

Discovering your depth…

Have you ever come across a woman who really caught your eye? Maybe you were in a restaurant, and there she was  – a woman you couldn’t stop looking at.  For some time you observe her and think to yourself: Well, she is not that stunningly beautiful, and not particularly slender, and maybe not that young…  You move your eyes away, secretly pleased, that she is actually nothing special.  However, a few moments later you find yourself looking at that woman again. And you think to yourself: What is so special about her? Probably she is well dressed and pretty, but what makes her so magnetic? She has that gentle mystery in her look. Suddenly you may realise: this woman knows something. Something about herself – she knows her depth.

Beautiful. Forever.

Has she found the elixir of youth?!  You must have come across women whose youthful look would make you think so. Do you believe this is genetics? Partially yes, but genetics is just a starting point, while our lifestyles and – most importantly – thoughts and self-perception determine, at the end of the day, how we look and feel in our bodies. One thing you can be sure about: these women love themselves and their bodies – and this is their Elixir of Youth.

You have this magic elixir too and can prolong your body’s youth and change your looks. And we are not talking about plastic surgery or ridiculous diets.

Aging is inevitable and absolutely natural, so why does it have to be a painful and traumatic experience? Women can age beautifully, painlessly, and enjoy to the fevery season of their lives to the full . Can you imagine that your chances of having happy loving relationships and admirers could increase with your years? They do, if you keep  discovering your femininity, depth, and ageless beauty.

Ada Conde gives you the power to choose how you want to look and slow down the physical aging of your body. You will fall in love with yourself, and everybody around you will be stunned by your striking transformation.

Career or family? Both, please!

If you were asked to choose between professional success and happy family life, what would be your answer? Ada Conde’s answer is: If you want both, choose both!

What a limiting belief it is, that successful women risk failure in building healthy and lasting relationships! We are often forced into one of the two extremes: either we curb our ambitions and dreams, “choosing” family life, or, with a heavy heart, we go for the career and cross a happy love life off the list.

Don’t benchmark your wishes and dreams against someone else’s experience or discouraging statistics. You choose the truth for yourself. You create your own statistics.

When you tap into your inner reserves of feminine strength, love, and intuition, then combining two demanding aspects of life will become a joyful play. Work won’t make you feel drained, worn-out, or even guilty any longer. Switching moods and state of mind will come naturally to you and you won’t boss around your partner or child – because you are light, graceful, and loving.

Ada Conde provides women with very practical tools to help them get in touch with their nature and stay feminine and true to themselves in all circumstances. You will see how easy it is to combine things that you might have believed were incompatible! You can have it all.

Endless romance

What woman wouldn’t want to discover the secret of eternal love and learn how to make romance and marriage last for many, many years?

Here is some good news for you. First of all, this is absolutely possible. Secondly, woman plays a pivotal role in creating the emotional vibe in a relationship and in shaping it. At the end of the day, it is woman who determines how deep and harmonious the relationship will be. Obviously, it takes two to tango, and your man plays his vital role in the relationship.  Yet it is the quality of your feminine energy, your love, and your wisdom that can unfold the full potential of your alliance.

Some women might hate to hear this, because this statement puts a lot of responsibility on their shoulders. And if you are excited and hopeful after reading this  statement – be pleased to know, you are one of the few who are ready for the great change. If you choose to act now, you will have the relationships and the future that you want. With Ada Conde, you will discover the ways to steer your love boat. You will learn many new things about yourself, about men, and what makes a relationships strong; and you will put all your knowledge into practice right away.

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